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Audiology Drop-In Clinic

Drop-In Clinic

Please note: due to Coronavirus, all out-reach clinics from Royal Bolton Hospital Audiology are closed until further notice. The repair service is open by appointment only – contact the Audiology Department for support or to make an appointment

On the fourth Tuesday of every month, we hold a drop-in hearing aid clinic in partnership with Royal Bolton Hospital Audiology Department.

This service is for people with NHS hearing aids supplied by Royal Bolton Hospital and runs from 10:30am until 12:00pm.

Tips for hearing aid problems
A hearing aid may whistle for the following reasons:
Wax or infection in the ear
Hole in the tube
Ear mould incorrectly inserted
Poor fitting ear mould

A hearing aid may stop working for the following reasons:
Wax or condensation in the tube – check the tube is not blocked
Dead battery or battery in the wrong way round
Faulty aid

The contact details for Royal Bolton Hospital Audiology Department can be seen below:

Audiology Department
Royal Bolton Hospital
Minerva Road

Telephone: 01204 390435
Text: 07787 002308

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If you are not a Bolton resident or patient of Royal Bolton Hospital and you cannot correct the problem yourself, contact your local Audiology Department.